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Christmas A to Z Letter Z

Welcome Back to the last day of
Christmas A to Z
Z …is for Zoo and Zither Carol
One of our traditions for many years was to go to the Zoo leading up to Christmas. The Zoo in Indianapolis, Indiana has Christmas at the zoo. The zoo is decorated with millions of lights and decorations and they have lots of activities for the children. It is so fun to see the animals at night rather than during the day. Some of them really do some interesting things.
The Indianapolis Zoo is a wonderful place with the animals place in a natural habitat setting as much as possible. If you are near there at Christmastime, please stop by and visit. If not, I am sure the zoo in your area has some sort of Christmas celebration.
Zither Carol
A Zither is a a musical instrument that has strings stretched across a shallow wooden box and that is played with your fingers or a pick.
I had never heard of the Zither Carol, but found that it is based on a Czech Folk dance.There are two versions of the Zither Carol
Version 1
Noel—Noel—Noel Praise and adore Him On this morn—Christmas morn—He is born Hallelujah
On that night—Birds in flight—Shining bright Wise men worship from afar Mary dear—Joseph near—Night so clear Jesus was born
Ting-a-ling—Hear them ring—Children sing Angels and shepherds nigh Mother mild—Holy Child—Undefiled Jesus is born Refrain: Gloria in excelsis Gloria in excelsis Christu, Christu, Christus Natus est
Version Two
Girls and boys—Leave your toys—Make no noise Kneel at his crib and worship Him At Thy shrine—Child divine—We are thine Our Savior’s here. “Hallelujah” the church bells ring “Hallelujah” the angels sing “Hallelujah” from everything All must draw near.
On that day—Far away—Jesus lay Angels were watching ’round His head Holy Child—Mother mild—Undefiled We sing Thy praise. “Hallelujah” the church bells ring “Hallelujah” the angels sing “Hallelujah” from everything Our hearts we raise
Shepherds came—At the fame—Of Thy name Angels their guide to Bethlehem In that place—Filled with grace—Saw Thy face Stood at the door. “Hallelujah” the church bells ring “Hallelujah” the angels sing “Hallelujah” from everything Love evermore.
Wise men too - Haste to do - Homage new Gold, myrrh and frankincense they bring As ’twas said - Starlight led - To thy bed Bending their knee. “Hallelujah” the church bells ring “Hallelujah” the angels sing “Hallelujah” from everything Worshipping Thee.
Oh, that we—All might be—Good as He Spotless, with God in unity Savior dear—Ever near—With us here Since life began. “Hallelujah” the church bells ring “Hallelujah” the angels sing “Hallelujah” from everything Godhead made man.
Cherubim—Seraphim—Worship Him Sun, moon and stars proclaim His power Every day—On our way—we shall say Hallelujah. “Hallelujah” the church bells ring “Hallelujah” the angels sing “Hallelujah” from everything Hallelujah. Here are the lyrics.
This Zither Carol is sung by the choir of Westminster Abbey.
Westminster Abbey Zither
gifts 1
I want to thank you all for sharing this journey with me during this Christmas Season. As we celebrate this most beautiful and generous time of year, I pray we will all make room in our hearts for the Reason for the Season who is Jesus.
May you be blessed not just during this holiday season, but all year long!
Baby Jesus

"For today in the city of David there has been born for you a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign for you: you will find a Baby wrapped in cloths, and lying in a manger." - Luke 2:11-12
Carolyn and the Bears

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