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Christmas A to Z Letter W

Welcome Back to Christmas A to Z
W …is for Wassailing and White Christmas
Wassailing is a very ancient custom that is rarely done today. The word 'wassail' comes from the Anglo-Saxon phrase 'waes hael', which means 'good health'. Originally, the wassail was a drink made of mulled ale, curdled cream, roasted apples, eggs, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and sugar.
One of the most popular Wassailing Carols goes like this:
Here we come a-wassailing
Among the leaves so green,
Here we come a-wassailing,
So fair to be seen:
Love and joy come to you,
And to you your wassail too,
And God bless you and send you,
A happy New Year,
And God send you,
A happy new year.
I have never tried Wassail but it “looks” interesting. Kind of reminds me of apple cider.
White Christmas
Did you know that the song "White Christmas" premiered on radio at Christmastime in 1941, just 18 days after Pearl Harbor? Bing Crosby first performed it on December 25, 1941, on his CBS radio show. In May 1942 he recorded it, and in August of that year, he could be seen singing it on screen in the hit movie Holiday Inn.
It was kind of the centerpiece of the film, but critics didn't take much notice of it. And it was only when Armed Forces Radio began to play the song overseas and for American troops who found its images of kind of Christmas on the home front so appealing.
It was 1942, the first winter that American troops had spent overseas. So, these images of ... snowy American, New England Christmas really spoke to the longing, nostalgia and homesickness of the troops for their homeland and for the sweethearts and wives and mothers and fathers they'd left behind. It was the enthusiasm of these troops that really propelled the song and made it a hit.
It was not until 1954 that the movie named “White Christmas” was released. My family loves to watch both of these movies each Christmas season.
These are two of my favorite movies to watch during the Christmas Season. If you have not seen them, I would encourage you to do so.
With only a few days left, I hope you will join me again tomorrow as the Christmas Celebration continues…
Carolyn and the Bears

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