Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas A to Z Letter D

D…is for Dickens, Dolls, and December Birthday
Christmas is a time we remember the many traditions of the Victorian era. When Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol was published, it revived much of the nostalgia and tradition we associate with Christmas today. During a time when financial hardships were commonplace for many American and British households, A Christmas Carol delivered just the right message to bring families back to a holiday that often becomes a celebration of wealth and consumerism. Charles Dickens reminded his readers that a joyful Christmas morning does not require Ebenezer Scrooge's gold, as much as it needs the heart of the poor Cratchit family.
When my daughter was young our church held many performances over the years of this wonderful story. For many years, my daughter was a great actress in A Christmas Carol. I was blessed to be given the opportunity to design, sew and be the head wardrobe mistress for most of the years the show was performed. It was a “Wonderful Time of the Year”.
I remember from a young age having dolls and stuffed animals. My favorite doll from childhood was called Thumbelina. She had a knob in her back that made her move when wound. I can remember playing with her for hours and creating lots of new outfits for her.
December Birthday
I know several people that have birthdays in December. We celebrate the birth of Jesus in December, so each year when my daughter was young, we always made a birthday cake for Jesus to celebrate his birth. I know this is a tradition in many people’s homes. Here is one of the cakes we made. We used an angel food cake of course…We always tried to put the nativity on it in some way. We would light the candles and sing!
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I hope you will join me again tomorrow for more of the Christmas Celebration
Carolyn and the Bears

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