Friday, February 28, 2014

What is mohair

Do you know what mohair is and where it comes from? Here is some history and information.

 Schulte Mohair is made from one of nature`s finest sources for natural fiber, the Angora goat. This special fur is very long and naturally wavy. When sheared (this usually occurs twice a year) it is called mohair. The term "mohair" is derived from the Arabian word "Muhayar" which literally means "the fabric of goat hair". Despite the name similarity there is no relation to the Angora rabbit.
Schulte Mohair comes from Duisburg, Germany and production began in 1901 when Reinhard Schulte opened his factory to weave plush fabrics. The mohair is still being produced today for new bearmakers. The Schulte Company is known throughout the world as “the Mecca for bear making fabrics”. The name Schulte, Duisburg, has become synonymous with high-quality Mohair fabrics.

This is a photo of Paul Steiff (left) and Reinhard Schulte taken in 1908. Paul Steiff is a nephew of Margarete Steiff

Paul Steiff and Reinheart Schulte

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